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Shared spaces where strangers converge and use common resources might be nightmarish in today’s world. But flexible office providers have stepped up their sanitization game and are now ready to welcome you back with open arms, correction, with folded hands! 

Flexible offices- shared offices, co-working spaces, managed enterprise office solutions are the best bet in a post COVID era. Just being a little cautious in your choice of workspace, might work in your favour. 
Let me tell you why you should opt for flexible workspaces now: 

  1. You’ll need to work out of an office someday, if not soon then later 
    Flexible spaces that are in your neighborhood will offer great workspaces, ask any freelancer who used to haunt these spaces on a regular before. After months of lockdown and working from home, you’ll want to work from anywhere else but home. The internet speed, constant beverage availability, transparent sanitization processes and techniques, spacious desks/cabins, socially distanced huddle spaces will be your ideal office away from office but closer home. For enterprises, it will enable your remote workers to work more efficiently and de-densify your existing office space.  
  2. Interaction- the “physically” distant way 
    The word social distancing is very misleading- it should ideally be called physical distancing. Human beings are social animals, we cannot live socially distant. Interacting with few people from your neighborhood/company in a post COVID world in the sanitized premises of a flexible office with your face masks while maintaining distance should give your mind the much-needed social stimulation.  
    Team collaboration and work is far more efficient while not remote working.
  3. Community- We are in this together, we will bounce back together 
    Collaboration, building local communities and enabling small businesses, start-ups to grow is the need of the hour. This will also boost the economy, remember #vocalforlocal?. A flexible, shared office or co-working space is the right space to jumpstart your business after it is running cold for a while during the lockdown.  
  4. Flexibility is the new stability in uncertainty 
    Enterprises are going through a very hard time with cost cutting and reduction of CAPEX and OPEX. One of the major cash guzzlers is the fixed cost of workspaces. The organisation might downsize/upsize due to change in business continuity plans, your office space does not downsize/upsize on its own. You are still stuck within the same four walls and workstations. A flexible space provider can enable smooth transitions and short move in time for any reconfiguration based on your business needs.
  5. Fully Managed 
    Flexible spaces are managed and run completely by the provider, from landlord relationships to daily housekeeping services, it is extremely hassle-free. With being swamped with household chores and office work while working from home, this will be a welcome break for you.  
    Enterprises will save on admin and operations cost while being fully aware of all the hygiene and sanitization practices.  


  1. Sanitization process and intervals 
  2. Space allotted per person 
  3. Social distancing measures 
  4. Screening process for visitor and customer 
  5. Use of Face masks and availability of sanitizers 
  6. Flexibility of offerings- lease tenure, costs, space 
  7. Support for business growth 

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