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What creates workplace happiness?

Happiness is a precursor to a successful business. In the previous blog, we spoke about how happiness has to be an important factor in any company’s working culture. We established this by taking inspiration from Bhutan, a country that looks at happiness as an actual developmental parameter. 

But, how exactly does a company go about this? What can be done to bring about a change in a company? What creates workplace happiness?

In this blog, we are going to touch base on exactly how this can be achieved.

Studies suggest that the most pivotal way in achieving this is by creating an environment where employees love to work. It can be the basics – from making the space foster productive work, access to greenery and natural light, more attractive, having game rooms and sleeping pods. If you’re a company just starting out, it’s best to consider this and foster a conducive environment for the same. 

Another way to achieve the best workplace is to empower your employees. Many great authors and motivational speakers often say that the business is defined by the people who work in it, not by the targets or goals achieved. Simon Sinek, a popular motivational speaker, in one of his videos, highlights the importance of empathy. Empathy towards every employee, giving them the platform to aid their strengths, has a positive psychological effect on them. It starts at the top. The leaders of any organisation have to pay utmost attention and importance to empathy. This in turn results in a positive attitude towards work in general, leading to a much inviting workplace. However, it is important to also encourage employees to get out of their comfort zone. By granting your team new responsibilities, you will also be providing them with new opportunities to grow and develop. This is beneficial to the individual and the organisation – as it will make them feel valued, which can boost engagement and productivity.

Kathleen Hogan, the Chief People Officer of Microsoft recently said that the 5 Ps of employee fulfilment are Pay, Perks, People, Pride and Purpose. 

One crucial step that is often neglected is having the right workspace. A productive work environment, team building spaces, lounge areas, cafeteria and recreation zones that align with ergonomics,  user psychology and the team/work culture can highly influence employee satisfaction and behaviour, the establishment of meaningful relations to bring about a positive change in your workplace.

The changes or growth will not occur in a day,  it always starts slow.  Happy workspace = Happy employees= Business growth. It’s important to take one step at a time to achieve the perfect workplace for your employees!


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