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Commercial Offices are getting prettier and attractive with every passing decade. From dull office buildings in 70s to swanky & colourful coworking offices in 2017, commercial real estate has seen extreme change. Companies as well as workers are opting for offices that are colourful, youthful and informal. No wonder coworking spaces are becoming preferred office choice for not only freelancers & startups but also established tech companies and corporates. Whether it is Amazon, IBM or Star TV, they all have now some of their regional offices operating out of pure play business centres or coworking spaces.

There are several ways Coworking Office spaces like ClayWorks can help you and your business:

1) Opportunity to Collaborate

Unlike traditional commercial offices, coworking spaces have multiple tenants sharing the same space. One gets the opportunity to interact with people from so many different backgrounds – imagine tech guys talking to advertising professionals, lawyers, designers, hr professionals & art directors! This presents an excellent opportunity to not only network with such talents but also collaborate with them on different business opportunities.

2) Lower Cost of Operations

Trust me renting your own office space is very expensive. You have to pay for rent, administrative staffs’ salaries and maintenance expenses. Additionally, you have to invest in infrastructures such as WiFi, LAN, Phones, Pantry and Admin. Not to forget hiring a team to manage all these jobs or outsourcing such jobs to some external agency. By opting for a coworking space, you can cut down your expenses and resources involved in administration by up to 25% and focus primarily on running your business. Moreover, coworking spaces involve shorter lease, sometimes as low as 3 months. It offers you the opportunity to scale up or scale down your real estate requirement based on your business growth.

3) Better Work Environment

If you are a freelancer or a small business enterprise, chances of you working from a Grade A office space is negligible. You almost always operate out of a shady Grade B or C building. Everybody aspires to work at offices that resemble Google or Facebook campus. Coworking spaces (not all), usually have premium interiors, play zones and common open sitting areas that are similar to those of Grade A office building or campuses. Not to forget free coffee that comes with such beautiful space!

4) Access to Potential Customers

In a real world getting a customer is extremely tough. You have to spend on google ads, facebook ads or hire a marketing team to promote your products & services online. If your product requires external testing or validation, you have to hire an agency to do so. What if your potential customer is sitting just across the table! False? No this is what coworking space can offer you. When working in a coworking environment, you get acquainted with people from other companies in common areas, play zones or during breaks over coffee. When you share your ideas over coffee with others you get not only potential leads but also real paying customers!

Coworking space is all about community and ecosystem that it creates. You can offer your services to others in your co-working space or see others services for your requirements. Need a designer? Looking for a HR consultant to manage your payroll and recruitment? Valuable expertise is just a few seats away in a co-working space.


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