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A lot of thought and planning goes behind finding and choosing the ideal workspace for your team and business. The below listed tips and factors to consider should help you zero down on the best co-working space for your requirements. 

  1. Location: One of the most important considerations while choosing a co-working space is the location. most important of all factors is the location of the office. Workspace easily accessible by public transport is a key factor. The location of the office adds value of your company. A premium business locality will attract potential clients and will be conveniently accessible. Pricing of the space will also depend on the location.
  2. Pricing: As a company looking for a Co-Working Space, you are mainly going to be looking at the value for the money you pay per seat. The price is also an indication of the quality and amenities, i.e., the higher the price, more amenities and vice-versa. So it is imporatant to set a budget and look for space with the amenities that you require. This may not match at times, hence value for money is an important consideration. 
  3. Community: One of the biggest advantages of working in a shared space is the sense of belonging and community that comes as a part of the space. This is a huge bonus for start-ups and entrepreneurs to find potential clients, and network at the same space as them. Understanding the kind of companies that work from the said space, and freelancers will help you in making an informed decision.
  4. Term of lease and flexibility: The lease term and the flexibility a space offers with respect to the tenure and lock-in period is an important factor to be considered. Notice periods, minimum lock-in periods, all these need to be given good thought before jumping on the co-working band-wagon.
  5. Work Environment: The work environment influences an employees work efficiency and job satisfaction levels. To keep these two and other mental factors that contribute to a worker’s productivity, a conducive work environment goes a long way. Majority of a person’s day is spent in the office, hence the work place should have a great vibe, with passionate and cheerful people, and a place that motivates you in a positive way.
  6. Amenities: Basic amenities in a workspace should include Ergonomic desks and chairs, Wi-Fi with a steady internet connection and good speed, Electricity and a reliable back-up, meeting/conference rooms, pantry along with beverages like coffee/tea, clean restrooms. Some co-working spaces offer additional amenities like recreational games, activities, break rooms, community engagement etc. It is very important to find the amenities which are key for your team that completely depends on the nature of business and the expectations of the team and company.
  7. Value-added services and events: These days most co-working spaces offer services like PR, HR and pay roll assistance, accounting and administration, legal services, as well as certain hyper-local concierge services like food delivery, laundry, creche etc. as a value addition with the workspace and basic amenities. Also, find a place that conducts events. Events in Co-Working Spaces range for Open Mic talks of all companies, to a successful entrepreneur giving a speech. Events can also include some fun and games, workshops, life skills etc that will be a welcome break from work and also insightful. 
  8. Expansion: As a startup with things going faster than expected it is always key to have a Co- Working space who encourages growth within the space and offers the flexibility to expand at the times required. Having to continuously shift bases to expand is inefficient and a logistical Nightmare. Even if not a start-up, any company shifting base after each hiring season is not advisable and can cause chaos.
  9. Hidden Costs: If the price of a Co-Working space is too less in your opinion for the services which are offered, try to understand whether those services offered have quality or are offered only at a premium cost. Ideally if you can get a Trial Run of the place you could get a much better understanding of the place to make a better choice.

I hope these tips help you find the best and the most productive space for your business. Let us know in the comments if this helped or if we’ve missed out any!

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Sanjana Bharadwaj, BD and Community Executive at ClayWorks 


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