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Bogged down by the pandemic, with their whole team working from home, this Social Enterprise Venture (Company X) also named in the Economic Times Top 5 a few years back, did not see a reason to retain their traditional large office space. Founded by a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs, has pioneered the development of person to person giving in India. Working at the intersection of consumer internet and social good, Company X has received the backing of reputed investors.  

Company X has been associated with ClayWorks for over 3 years now. With their office located in JP Nagar, they found their neighbourhood ClayWorks office to be the ideal place to have team huddles and meetings. The team thoroughly enjoyed the ambience, facilities, not to forget the steaming mugs of beverages coming their way at regular intervals. 

With the challenges they were facing, and with their lease period at the existing office almost coming to an end, they reached out to ClayWorks for a solution. Our workspace strategists evaluated their business and requirements to come up with the most feasible solution.  

The challenges 

  1. Being a people centric organisation, a professional business address for communication was a must 
  2. Company X needed to change their registered office address considering their lease period at their existing office location was completed 
  3. Being a crowdfunding platform, they had a lot of physical documents. Hence, they required storage space for these critical files and other office materials. 
  4. Liquidation of movable assets and fit-outs needed to be addressed since they were relinquishing their existing office space 
  5. Members of their team based in Bangalore needed flexible options for members who were working from office, as well as for team huddles and collaboration 
  6. Company X was dealing with a lot of confidential personal and financial data, and hence, the team working on personal or open networks would be unsafe. An enterprise cybersecurity product was critical for them. 

ClayWorks Solutions. 

  1. Virtual office solution for professional business address at a prime location 
  2. Flexible workspace solutions options with meeting room credits and access to lounge and flexi-desks. 
  3. Critical file storage space with secure access and 24×7 security.  
  4. Asset liquidation support and some fit-outs bought over by ClayWorks.  
  5. Cloud-based cybersecurity solution powered by CISCO offered to the entire team.


  • Office operational expenses (OPEX) was reduced by almost 90%. Their OPEX cost included real estate, facilities management, employee welfare etc. The cost drastically came down as they had to only pay-on-the-go for virtual office plan with storage and credits add-ons. 
  • Zero Capital investment in storing critical documents in addition to returns received on asset liquidation at fair market price. 
  • Registered office presence at a prime location in Bangalore 
  • Secure business network with cybersecurity solutions 
  • Access to flexible workspaces across ClayWorks network in Bangalore 

Reach our workspace strategists at 080-47111888 or today to find a tailored solution for your organisation.


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