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Starting a business is hard and no doubt we need money to start it. College students always stay broke because the education costs increases everyday. But no worries, here are the 7 business you can start while in college and pay the bill yourself.

1. Starting a blog and a website: 

Starting a blog or a website is a good idea as long as you are good in writing. You can start researching various topics and start writing blogs and articles for commercial business. You can also write articles for small businesses and local vendors and put it online helping them to get more customers. Some students write educational contents for their classmates or for others students. 

2. Become a YouTuber:

“Hey! Welcome to my channel”, If we can say those words clearly with enthusiasm, I beg you to start making videos on Youtube. No wonder, Youtube is one of the biggest markets being the biggest video hosting platform. If you can create interesting content on youtube and have more than 10k subscription, I am sure you can earn a lot from there.

3. Making Online Courses for college classes:

We are now in the digital era, and students don’t want to write notes in the class because there are tons of notes and courses available online. You are also starting to make educational videos, content, digitizing all the notes for your classmates and other students and start selling them online. You can teach the same lessons you learnt in the class and put it online. 

4. Monetizing your social Media:

Today’s youngsters spent most of their time on Social Media so why not start making money from there? To make money on Social Media, you need to post creative and good content on your Social accounts everyday. Start making a good connection in your social spaces. Once you have a good number of followers, you can start selling, promoting business on your social media and make money.

5. Doing a Freelancing:

While in college, there are lots of free time and you can invest those time in learning new skills to make money. You can start photography, videography, graphic designing, web development and many more. You can also start selling any products to your friends in college.

6. Organizing Events: 

Some students are very active when it comes to organizing events, if you like organizing events and programs, you can start doing it in your college. Organizing events like TEDx talk, E-Summit, Cultural events, Debate or any types of event, you can learn many team management skills, soft skills at the same time learn how to make deals to get registration, sponsors etc. 

7. Internship:

Internship helps students not only to earn money, but it helps them to learn many things which they can use after their graduation. There are many companies and organisations providing internships to students of different backgrounds and most of these internships pay for the intern. If you can manage your time, doing internships is a great thing to do while in college and it can also help you in your future career.


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